Your Instagram questions – answered

11 Nov, 2020 | Podcast, Season 4

Ever wondered how to build your brand identity on Instagram? Or how to find Instagram success when you’re technically challenged? When it comes to Instagram, you’ve got the questions – and we’ve got the answers!

Welcome to this week’s Whin Big Podcast, episode 54 and this week Katie answers listener questions around the mighty Instagram. Grab a notebook because this week’s episode is packed with useful info on getting Instagram right for your marketing.


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Show notes for the Whin-win!

Before kicking off today – you do not want to miss the resources section at the bottom of the show notes. They are jam-packed (more so than usual) with every possible resource, link, freebie and insight on moving you along the Instagram for business road.

Onto your questions!

Q1: How do I choose a colour scheme for my instagram page?

Chloe told us her last Instagram page was messy and had no consistency. She wants to know how to organise your grid into something with order and balance to reflect branding.

A: A balanced, on-brand grid is easy to create – but there are a few things worth thinking about before you go all in…

As with most things on Instagram, there’s a bit of pre-posting thinking you should do before adding more posts to your grid. If you want to design your grid so it has more branding personality and style.

If you already have a main colour that runs through your business (The Whin’s is yellow, you may have noticed!), then look for ways you can bring that colour through to your grid. Try:

  • Using images that have objects, people or details that contain the same colour, to create a consistent colour theme.
  • Use Instagram filters that have a similar tone or feel to your colour so every image you post takes on the theme, even if the image itself doesn’t.
  • Buy some presets on Adobe lightroom or other photo editing software, to create your own filters. This makes them slightly less ‘off-the-peg’ than Instagram filters, which personalises your look
  • Create Canva templates for a consistent, on-brand look.

Finding the right colour if you don’t have one

If budget allows, Katie recommends hiring a brand expert or branding graphic designer to help with colours, fonts and logo.

For something a little more DIY’d look into colour theory so you can choose a colour based on the feelings it evokes. E.g:

Blue – is associated with trust, dependable or reliable.
Yellow – makes you think of the warmth of summer, daffodils in the Spring. It’s a positive colour that inspires open-ness
Purple – is often linked with serenity, balance and calm so you might use this if you’re healing or guiding people, or want them to feel relaxed and grounded when they interact with you.

Whatever colour you choose, make sure the feelings you want to evoke run through more than your logo and instagram grid.

What if you don’t want to commit to just one colour? 

You can be very clever with your grid and change colours, but it looks better if it looks intentional so planning is a great way to make sure it looks thought through rather than chaotic and unorganised. 

Q2: Do you have tips on using Instagram when you’re technically challenged?

Kelly and Debbie asked for steer on beginner-level Instagram tactics and strategy. Debbie actually asked for an ‘idiot’s guide’ but as Katie points out – there’s no idiots round these parts! 

A: Start small and avoid overwhelm

Beginner or learner Instagram guides are usually full of great ideas, but so many of them it’s overwhelming.

Katie recommends her simplified strategy for busy business owners which she featured in episode 42 of The Whin Big Podcast. It’s worth a listen as it gives you all the insight you need for the 3 step starter plan: :

  • Choosing great pictures
  • Captions that add value to your posts
  • Learning how to use hashtags so more people see your posts

Of course, there’s so much more when it comes to Instagram, so we’ve linked below, extra Whin Big Podcast episodes (in the best order to approach them) to give you more support if you’re ready for more help with:

More support for marketing on Instagram

You know you want to use Instagram to grow your business, and it feels overwhelming. Or you have started to use it, but haven’t worked out the best way for you and your business.

Sound familiar? The Instagram MOT is right for you.

“The Whin’s Instagram MOT has been designed especially for you if you’re looking to get started, or need a refresh on your Instagram business account.” – Katie

Download your FREE Instagram MOT today and work your way easily through the checklist. It has everything you need to get moving.

Ready for growth level 

You know the basics, you’ve got a small following, and you know there’s more you can do to grow your audience and make more sales. 

If this is you, congratulations! You’re ready for the next level and our Instagram Masterclass is for you.

4 weeks of straight forward, no nonsense training across 4 fundamentals pillars of Instagram. By the time you’ve completed this you’ll have learned everything you need to build a solid Instagram strategy that’s perfect for you and your business.

Q3: How do I grow my followers on Instagram?

Asked by Zoe and Fiona.

Episode 52 looks into growth strategies for 2020 and it looks at all the ways to take advantage of the tools built into Instagram right now, designed to grow your audience.

To summaries:

  • Hashtags are important
  • Reels are new and the algorithms love them
  • Create shareable content that people love

“It doesn’t matter if you have 300 followers or 300,000 followers. What matters is getting enough customers from Instagram to pay for the time you’re spending marketing there.” – Katie

Katie recommends asking a different question. So instead of ‘how do I get more followers’, for better results it’s better to think in a more strategic way and ask:

  • How do I get more sales from Instagram?
  • How do I get more engagement from followers on Instagram?

The answers to those questions will inform a different way of marketing to get the answers you really want. And Katie goes over all of that (and so much more) in episode 52. As always, all links included in the episode are in the resources section below.

Get YOUR questions answered

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Resources and links

The Whin’s Instagram MOT

The Whin Instagram Masterclass

Episode 42: A simplified Instagram Strategy (for busy business owners)

Episode 52 – 3 essential strategies for Instagram

After you’ve mastered pictures, captions and hashtags, you can then start to tackle the following list (with links to podcasts)

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