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The Whin is focused on supporting small businesses with their digital marketing. Whether you need social media training, an updated website, or a brand new marketing strategy, I’d love to work with you to co-design the perfect solution.

Messing about with websites is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and teaching others to use marketing tools gets me out of the house. I’ve been doing both for years, but eventually realised there’s more to great marketing than a fab website and the ability to find all the buttons you need to create a Facebook post. 

Marketing without a strategy is like driving a go-kart instead of a car. It’s fun to start with, and you feel like you’re going somewhere, but in the end you’re just going round in circles. A strategy is a tool to help you decide which social media platforms to use, what content to post, and even which hashtags to use. It’s what determines how many people see your content, connect with your message and ultimately become your customers.


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A simplified Instagram Strategy for busy business owners

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