Vintage design, Etsy and building self confidence, with Rose Nicoll

15 Jul, 2020 | Podcast, Season 4

Have you ever toyed with the idea of turning something you love into a product-based business on the side of your day job? If you want to know more about it, then you’ll love this week’s episode of The Whin Big podcast.

This is episode 37 and Katie meets Rose Nicoll of Dolly Dimple Design. Rose talks about her love of 1950s vintage and how it inspired her to design, manufacture and sell colourful vintage inspired acrylic jewellery around her full-time job. In the podcast she shares her experiences using Etsy and Shopify and they discuss the lurking monster of Imposter Syndrome and how building self confidence is good for your small business. 

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This week’s episode is jam packed! Katie and Rose discuss so much more in this week’s podcasts, with topics including: 

  • Pineapple or anchovies on a pizza
  • TikTok
  • Networking groups to support your business
  • The pros and cons of running a shop on Etsy
  • Getting started on Pinterest
  • And so much more!

Dolly Dimple Design – the process behind the modern twist on a vintage classic

Rose is a self-taught jewellery maker, learning everything from YouTube. She sketches designs by hand before scanning them into the computer.
Rose goes through the entire process from design to product photography, product descriptions and e-commerce. She outsources the laser cutting to a Fife based independent business – another great contact she made through Instagram.

“It ends up like a big puzzle, only doing it backwards. You start with the finished product and then fit it together in layers.” – Rose

The best bits of jewellery design business

Rose enjoys the whole process from start to finish but shares two particular favourite elements.

  • Thanks to Instagram, Rose gets to see exactly how her customers style her products when they wear them. They tag her in their pictures and it gives her a thrill to see how they apply their unique spin on them.
  • Rose particularly loves the making experience. She feels privileged that she’s supported by her customers so she can continue making the things she loves. She recognises that as a hobby it would be expensive, so she can experiment and make new things thanks to her wonderful customers. 

“It makes me so happy to see what they do. When I see the notification that I’ve been tagged in a post it’s so exciting.” – Rose

How Rose uses Instagram for Dolly Dimple Design  

  • Rose is connected to a strong community, so her engagement is high.
  • Authentic connections is Rose’s number one tool. She loves checking in with people, seeing what they’re wearing and talking to them as real people. “I love to get to know people”.
  • She uses content pillars when she posts to Instagram including:
    • finished product pictures
    • time lapse videos of making jewellery
    • new product releases
  • She’s embraced live stories – despite finding them terrifying!
  • Her next step is IGTV video, talking through the new jewellery range and the stories behind it.

“Just showing up and just asking for money is not the right way for me.” – Rose

 Imposter syndrome raises its ugly head…

Rose recognises she should prioritise time to post more regularly. Her self-doubt around this leads to bigger issues around confidence. 

 “I get imposter syndrome. I see full time makers and they have 30 stories a day and 3 posts on their grid. And I think ‘why don’t I have that?’ well it’s because I work 38 hours a week somewhere else and I only have a fraction of the time. Everyone’s circumstances are different. You need to go easy on yourself I guess.” – Rose

Links to other resources & websites

On Rose’s bookshelf

Further resources discussed in the episode:

About Dolly Dimple Design

In 2018 Rose Nicoll discovered the vintage community on Instagram. She loved the bright colours and the positivity of the people she met. She’d found her tribe and with it, her confidence and inspiration to dress the way she wanted.

She now designs, manufactures and sells stunning 1950s inspired acrylic jewellery from her home studio in Aberdeen, Scotland.

You can buy Rose’s jewellery from the brand new Dolly Dimple Design website!

Dolly Dimple Design Etsy Shop

Dolly Dimple Design on Instagram.

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