The Whin Big Podcast’s Greatest Hits

14 Oct, 2020 | Podcast, Season 4

This week we’re looking at the highlights of the podcast’s first year. Katie takes us through her favourite guest interviews and shares the best tips from the first 50 shows, including social media tactics and business strategy and so much more.

As you know by now, our show notes are the highlights from each episode, so click on play to make sure you tap into all the marketing gold! This episode is positively sparkling with insight and advice, you don’t want to miss anything here!

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The Whin Big Podcast ‘Greatest Hits’

The Whin Big Podcast has had some fantastic guests over the past 12 months. Without them, the podcast wouldn’t exist and we’re so grateful to each of them for joining Katie and sharing such valuable advice and insight.

We don’t envy Katie the task of pulling out her highlights – and she certainly found it tough to make a final selection. Thankfully, she did it and shares her greatest hits here.

“If you’re new to the podcast or you only subscribed part way through our first year, this collection of excerpts might whet your appetites.” – Katie

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Mark Keys strength coach & business owner

We meet Marc Keys in episode 7. He’s a strength and conditioning coach with his own gym in Leith called Cast Iron Strength. Mark has a wealth of knowledge in marketing, personal development and running his own business and in this episode he shares his story and gives some fascinating ideas for marketing strategies.

Rebecca Bonnington business consultant

In episode 18, Rebecca talks about her own approach to marketing. She has years of experience supporting and coaching business owners into success and has valuable ideas for any business owner to focus on. Her approach to marketing is quite a contrast from Mark’s but it’s a perfect reminder that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing your business. 

Staying true to your own unique business experience

 The contrast between Rebecca and Mark’s strategy shows us all that you don’t have to stress about copying someone else’s approach. When you focus on your own business, your resources, ambitions, personal preferences and audience, it allows you to have your own success. By all means take inspiration from other people, but make your approach and success yours. 

Marketing ideas for your own business

Katie’s goal for The Whin Big podcast has always been about sharing knowledge, insight and experience. The most valuable episodes have been a blend between guests sharing tips for you to apply to your own business and the inspiring life stories they experience – which bring valuable lessons in their own way. 

SEO advice for better visibility online 

In episode 39, Ahmed Khalifa, SEO specialist and deaf awareness campaigner, shares valuable insight to make your site more visible in search engines.

There are lots of great SEO tips in this full episode so don’t miss out. And, if you want to find even more ways to implement SEO on your site, it’s worth listening to episode 49 where we meet Caroline Phillips from Alba SEO.

Making your site more accessible

As a deaf awareness campaigner, Ahmed is well versed in the issues and challenges people with visual or hearing impairments experience when visiting sites and engaging with content.
How user friendly is your digital marketing output? And can you improve it for people who access your content in a different way?

Tuning in to Ahmed’s interview in episode 39 will make sure you’re on the right path.

Harnessing the power of Facebook as a marketing tool 

There was once a time when posting to a Facebook page was enough to grow your audience and market to them successfully. Obviously, it’s not as easy as this anymore, but our guests in episode 28 still have success using the platform as a marketing tool. Victoria and Zoe, professional tidiers – get most of their clients through Facebook and share their secrets with us in this episode. 

When is the best time to post on social media? 

Victoria and Zoe’s interview answers the number one question Katie gets asked. If you’ve been trying to figure this out for your own social media marketing – then dive into this episode to find out. 

Interested in influencer marketing?

Influencers can have such a positive impact on growing your audience and reaching new customers. If you’ve been thinking of this approach for your own business, you’ll learn loads from our guest in episode 35. Here we meet Sophie Barham who runs a popular tea room in the south of England. Sophie’s tapped into influencer marketing in a really authentic way and it’s had a truly positive impact on her business. 

How to use PR to market your business

As Sophie knows only too well, marketing goes way beyond social media and digital marketing. There is still a more traditional marketing experience we can tap into in the shape of publicity, networking and PR.

Elaine Fleming of Ginger PR – our guest in episode 31 – shares advice on finding specific ideas for what PR is and gives guidance on how to approach the right journalists and publications who might want to feature you and your business.

Content creation, case studies and blog posts

Content is such an important part of digital marketing. It can be time consuming so it’s vital to speak directly to your audience, so they engage.

Telling stories about your customers is key to making a meaningful connection with them. In episode 47, Lizzie Brough from Hey Summit shares her insight on writing for the Hey Summit audience by sharing customer case studies.

And in episode 43, Louise Spence from Headspace for Business delves into her strategies for creating content with her business partner in a way that effectively reaches their audience whilst adding value to their experiences.

Fitting content creation into a marketing strategy

If there’s one headache that unites almost all of the Whin Big Podcast guests, it’s content creation. Everyone knows the value of it, but fitting it into a marketing strategy isn’t always straightforward.

Back in January 2020, we met Mike McGrail of Getgo Studio. Mike is an experienced marketer and shares his experiences of content creation while setting up and running a creative studio.

Coming up on The Whin Big Podcast 

Katie has big plans for the next 50 episodes of The Whin Big Podcast (and beyond!). You can expect lots more guests, lots more learning and a few surprises along the way.

In a few weeks time she’s dedicating a whole episode to answering listener questions and dilemmas and it would be great to include yours.

If you’ve got a marketing puzzle you can’t solve, or even want a few pointers on a tool you’re considering for your business then please do get in touch.

You can get in touch with Katie directly by emailing or send a DM on Instagram.

And on behalf of the team and the listeners…

Supporting Katie to produce The Whin Big Podcast over the past 50 episodes has been a wonderful experience for us on the Whin Big Podcast team. She’s created a wonderful place of learning and sharing. With her well chosen guests and her own valuable insight and expertise, the podcast has become a valuable tool to so many business owners across the UK (and beyond).

In this episode (episode 50) of The Whin Big podcast, Katie gives special thanks to all of her guests and listeners for being part of the conversation. For those of us working with Katie to help her bring this podcast about, and on behalf of all of the podcast listeners, we would like to say a special thank you to YOU, Katie for creating such a brilliant podcast for us all to enjoy and learn from.

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