Greatest Hits – Vol. 2

30 Mar, 2022 | Podcast, Season 7

Hello everyone, welcome back! Here we are into 2022, and I’m very excited to be launching a brand new season of the Whin Big podcast with today’s episode.

What with there being another 50 or so episodes out in the world it’s time for a new volume of our Greatest Hits collection. Stay tuned for clips from 6 of our best interviews since October 2020. Welcome back to Avesha, Kenda, Cameron, Suse, Heena, and Tanessa!

In the first half of today’s episode, we’re going to get into some ideas and refreshers for your marketing strategy.

Low-key marketing strategy for creatives

First up, here’s Avesha DeWolfe, who’s a ceramic artist based just down the road from me in East Lothian.

Avesha has always struggled with the idea of a content calendar or any kind of formal marketing strategy, so instead we just got talking about what a typical week might looking like for her Instagram content during different parts of her making cycle

How the Purchase Formula impacts buying decisions

It was really interesting for me to listen back to that conversation with Avesha, because I’d forgotten that we talked about how she uses storytelling to really emphasise the value of the products she makes.

More recently I spoke to behavioural marketing Kenda Macdonald, who gave us a breakdown of why this focus on value is such a smart move for businesses to consider.

Creating segmented nurture emails without sequences or automation

So, Kenda mentioned there that nurture sequences – a kind of automated email – are a great way of emphasising value and increasing the reward activation in the brain, to put it in neuropsychological terms.

But if automation isn’t your thing, or you’re just getting started with email and you’re hoping to take a simpler approach, don’t worry! When I spoke to Cameron Glover, who’s a business coach for sex education professionals, she shared some of the things that she’s been working on for her email list, which don’t require such a complex set up.

Moving away from volume-based marketing

As well as all her brilliant ideas about email lists, one of the things Cameron said there, just near the beginning of that segment, was that she’s moving from volume-based marketing to more of a community-based mindset, which is a shift in the default approach most business owners take to digital marketing.

One of my other guests, Suse Bentley, talked about this as well. Suse is a coach and trainer who works to improve equality in the workplace. She and I had a wonderful conversation about how she networks and finds clients and connections for her business, without relying on algorithms or any kind of volume-based strategy.

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all

We’ve come around in a circle a little bit, I think, in this episode, with our opening segment from Avesha focussing on how her approach to posting on socials is aligned in a very simple way to her day to day work in the studio. She’s picked an approach there which is straightforward and minimally stressful for her. Likewise Suse shared the approach, this more relational approach to marketing, which she finds the most doable, based on her own personality. Even with Kenda and Cameron’s segments, I think that you can get a sense of how different people, with their own inclinations, strengths and preferences, can be successful with very different types of marketing. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that all four of them subscribe to.

And I love this because it reflects what I’ve seen so often working with different business owners over the years – each unique individual, with their unique business, needs a unique marketing strategy. Taking the time to reflect, explore and try things out is an important part of developing your own business to be something which supports you and adds value to your life, without draining you, or stressing you out, as you try and fit your own square peg into the round hole that seems to be presented. If I’ve learned anything about business over the years, it’s that successful business owners are the ones who build their business to suit themselves, rather than trying to change themselves to suit their business.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach… each unique individual, with their unique business, needs a unique marketing strategy.” – Katie

With that thought playing on your mind, I have just two more segments to share from past episodes, both of which are around how you structure your business and your life to suit yourself and support you, just as we’ve said.

Improve your wealth mindset

The first of these is from my conversation with wealth coach, Heena Thaker. Heena shared with us the 8 steps to wealth that she works through with her clients. We go into lots more detail in her episode, and this list gives a nice overview for you to think about.

This one weird tip to improve your wellbeing

Given that all of us who are in business are looking to make money, one way or another, basically everything in my conversation with Heena was incredibly helpful when thinking about how to then be able to enjoy that wealth and make the most of it.

As well as financial wealth, though, I know a lot of business owners get into business looking for more freedom, and to improve their personal wellbeing. When I spoke to Tanessa Shears, who is a bio-hacking expert, and perhaps the most energetic person I’ve ever spoken to, she had some really actionable tips for improving our own wellbeing as business owners, and finding more energy for both our business, and our lives.

That’s all for today’s Greatest Hits episode, thanks for joining me for this blast from the past!

Next week, in episode 100, we’re carrying on the throw-back celebrations. I’ll be welcoming three of our earliest podcast guests back to find out how they’re doing now. If you haven’t already make sure you headback to Season 1 and listen to my original interviews with Laura Westring, Claire Watson and Marc Keys.

See you next week!

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