Free Resources

You can use any of these resources to help you build new skills, improve your digital marketing, and grow your business.

Instagram MOT

Just as your car needs regular check ups, so does your Instagram. Dive into the video training and wse the checklist to assess how you’re doing in 4 key areas across your Instagram profile.

What comes next?

2020 has been a very unexpected year. Which kind of wrecked my whole approach to goal setting – that might have been long overdue.

So to replace the 2020 Master Plan, we’ve updated these worksheets to give you more flexibility and adaptability when you set goals for 2021.

6 steps to selling online

When you first switched to an online business, you probably felt ok about muddling through – you had some safety net with existing clients, and you had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead.

But after a while, it helps to have a system put together which can get you consistent results from all of the posting and blogging and emailing and everything else you’re doing to market your business online. These are the 6 steps we recommend.

Hashtag Research Template

It sounds a bit dull, I’ll admit, but researching and choosing and actually USING targeted hashtags for your business???

That’s basically the secret sauce. The silver bullet. The THING you’ve been looking for to see your growth on Instagram skyrocket.

Your Customer Persona

When was the last time you sat down and thought about who your customers are and what matters to them?

You need to know who your customers are when you’re planning your marketing strategy, so download the template and take your first steps.