Scottish Countryside Rangers Association

Social media training

The SCRA Rendezvous conference is the annual event for rangers across Scotland to get together, share experiences and learn new skills.

Their theme for 2018 is a focus on reaching young people more effectively, so they asked me to come and provide workshops for all delegates on using social media to do just that.

We only had a limited time for the workshops so it was important to focus on the most valuable information – how to select the channels to use, and how to choose your content, hashtags, and images to appeal to your audience.


The workshops

In the workshops, we covered some background data on why social media was great, and then used some practical tools and live examples to look at

  • which platforms perform best with the audience they want to target
  • how to describe their ideal customer for a project or campaign
  • planning a content breakdown that reflects the skills of the team and the needs of the audience

At the end of the workshop, everyone went away with an action plan for how they would move forward in their own Ranger teams in order to use social media platforms more effectively and strategically than they’d ever been able to before.

Client Feedback 

“Good to hear about different ways to use various platforms and ask questions – bit short on time though, would have been good to try out new ideas.”

“Interesting to figure out how to market on the platforms and to discover more about Instagram.”

“Really useful. Would have been good to have a longer session and get into nitty gritty. Would we maybe be able to organise local branch sessions?”

“Very helpful.”

Various participants, Scottish Countryside Rangers Association