We run a programme of live workshops on popular topics for small business owners including Instagram, marketing and podcasting.

6 steps to selling online

When you first switched to an online business, you probably felt ok about muddling through – you had some safety net with existing clients, and you had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead.

But after a while, it helps to have a system put together which can get you consistent results from all of the posting and blogging and emailing and everything else you’re doing to market your business online. This webinar covers the 6 steps we recommend.

The Beginner Podcaster’s Guide to Growing a Money Tree

If you’re considering a podcast for your business, or maybe you’ve just started, you need to get clear on HOW that podcast is going to feed into your business model and help you make money.

When you have an existing audience you may be able to get sponsorships, or ads, but in this workshop, we’ll be looking at a longer term strategy for integrating your podcast into your other marketing efforts.

We’ll also be talking about how to make a great podcast, covering guest episodes, solo shows, show notes, editing, outsourcing and lots more.

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