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Reader reviews

Thanks for teaching me a few bits – well loads actually. In my 40’s and not a social buff (yet!) feeling a little out of my depth, but will succeed! 
Really do appreciate the advice you are giving.

Thank you for your newsletter there is always something new and interesting in it!


I know I’m biased but I flaming love your weekly emails! This one email alone has given me about 3 or 4 different ideas for things to do / find out about….

Abi (who writes shownotes for our podcast!)

Great email – I really enjoyed reading this thank you ?
I really liked the quote and it made me think – keep posting what I like instead of what I think people want to read.
And I like your point about the unsubscribes and unfollowers – it can feel bad when it happens but there’s a better way of looking at it and just thinking “my message isn’t right for them anymore (for whatever reason) and that’s ok 
Very much enjoyed it ?