“Wealth is so much more than money,” with Heena Thaker

2 Mar, 2021 | Podcast, Season 5

Ever get the feeling you’re getting in the way of your business financial success?

This week’s guest – Heena Thaker from Intentional Wealth Creation – shares tips on how to get out of your way so you can move toward wealth with ease and grace. She shares the necessary steps to take to wealth and tips on living more abundantly.

Katie and Heena talk about their favourite business books, the power behind recognising your zone of genius, and how great it feels to outsource and seek advice from the right experts.

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Intentional Wealth Creation – Heena’s business journey

After working for decades as an optician business owner, Heena sold her practices to move into coaching and mentoring business owners on their way to wealth and financial success in their businesses.

Heena coaches 1:1 mentoring and coaching and pre-Covid, hosted in-person masterclasses to help clients deal with mindset and skillset around financial wealth for their business – with the end goal being financial wealth and success. Heena’s dual skill set of coaching and being a business owner gives her a well-grounded knowledge of what kind of support clients need.

Your Personal Wealth Code

Heena believes that our way to wealth is as unique as our DNA is. Skillset and mindset come together to create your personal wealth code. When you work out what that code is unique to you, then you can truly fly. This is the content of her programme – The Personal Wealth Code Masterclass.

“Business owners often carry out their due diligence on practical elements of setting up in business for success, but they often don’t do due diligence on preparing their mindset for achieving financial success.” – Heena

What money stories mean for your business

Heena works to unpick the negative or restrictive stories that hold business owners back from the success they’re capable of. Blocked mindsets can lead to restrictive behaviour patterns around areas such as income ceilings and lack of clarity around planning, strategy, and decision making.

Most of us have read a couple of money story personal development books or blogs to help us with our money mindset. Heena points out that the reality of money stories and blocks goes deeper than the traditional 7 or 8 featured in most books.

Katie shared some of her own money block stories from her past with Heena, who explains how money stories are often limiting or restrictive, but you can change your money story to be expansive and limitless.

How investments can grow your business growth – and stall it

In Katie’s business journey, she knows that paying for products and outsourcing services is a way for her to level up in business. It allows her more time to focus on business development. Does Heena agree with this as a strategy?

“Paying and investing in stuff is a way to level up, but you can be savvy about what you invest in.” – Heena

According to Heena, business owners run into financial issues by paying for stuff they can’t afford, and they don’t have a repayment plan.

In the world of accounting, we’re trained to know that:

Income (minus) Expenses = Profit

Heena likes to flip this traditional concept to look like this:

Income (minus) Owner’s Pay = Expenses

This way, you’ll only spend money you know you have planned for, and it’s in the budget. By doing it this way, you’ll start to grow.

The eight aspects of wealth

For Heena, the best way for business owners to reach financial and wealth success is to set the intention to do so. It’s precisely why she named her business Intentional Wealth Creation.

She explains it further by looking into the meaning of the word ‘wealth,’ which comes from the Middle English word ‘weal,’ which means ‘wellbeing.’ The addition of the ‘th’ makes it the condition of wellbeing.

“Wealth is so much more than money. True wealth is everything that makes us feel well. It’s part of our wellbeing – relationships, work, our mission or purpose.” – Heena

Heena points out that to be truly wealthy, we need to set an intention to become wealthy in 8 areas: If one or more of the following aspects have slipped for you, then you might want to spend time digging deeper into one or more of the following areas:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Fame
  • Connection to Source
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Health and nourishment
  • Money

Living month to month, paycheck to paycheck

If monthly outgoings and cash flow are an issue for you, try this simple yet effective exercise.

  • Go through the last three months of your bank statements
  • Divide your spending into three columns – wants, needs and luxuries
  • Assess where your spending goes, and make different choices so you can siphon off some money and reallocate it into a savings or cushion pot

How Heena markets Intentional Wealth Creation

For Heena, this is an area for improvement.

Heena’s main source of clients has been word of mouth, but she’s now setting her digital marketing intentions to continue to grow. 


Heena has an active account on Instagram. She’s outsourced social media management to a perfectly named expert called ‘Rich.’ Heena is a huge fan of outsourcing for expertise when you want to focus on other areas of business development. 

Newsletter Marketing 

While Heena’s been pulling together her online courses and developing her digital marketing, she’s grown an email list through an online money quiz. The quiz helps you identify what ‘type’ of money mindset and money skillset personality you are. 

The next stage is to begin her email marketing plan – sending out short, bite-sized videos to share insight on business growth, business development, and strategy. 

Heena’s limiting beliefs around online visibility

When pivoting her work from business owner to mentor, Heena struggled with the idea of getting visible online. Her own limiting beliefs – carried through from her childhood experiences – stopped her from standing up in the online space and positioning herself as a leader.

“With marketing, when you know what you’re talking about, when it’s your thing, what you were meant to do – all the superficial stuff falls by the wayside. You just want to talk; you want to let people know. There’s no BS.” – Heena

Your eight steps to wealth

If finding the right path to wealth is at the forefront of your mind, have a look at the eight steps to get you on your way. You’ll find the guide in the resources section of the show notes, but here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Set the intention to be wealthy
  2. Know your money in, money out story
  3. Look at your habits and change the ones that don’t help you.
  4. Create a realistic budget
  5. Educate yourself on wealth
  6. Let go of beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.
  7. Have a clear plan to get rid of debt
  8. Separate your assets from your liabilities

What’s on Heena’s bookshelf?

Every fortnight, we ask guests to share their favourite business and self-development books. Here are Heena’s favourites:

The Richest Man in Babylon* by George S Clason

Set in ancient times, it’s a moralistic tale around asking the right person, the right expert, for advice.

Who, Not How: The formula to achieving bigger goals through accelerated teamwork* by Dan Sullivan

This is a book about collaboration, the fact that we all have our zone of genius, and we should embrace that fact.

Rocket Fuel* by Gino Wickman & Mark C. Winters

Every business needs a visionary to get it off the ground; it’s liberating to appreciate that you need a ‘who’ in your business, not a ‘how can I do all of this myself?’


Intentional Wealth Creation Website

Intentional Wealth Creation Instagram

Heena Thaker on LinkedIn

The money quiz

Rich Steel’s website: Stargazy Solutions

Steps to Wealth PDF (immediate download, 184kb)

* Links marked with a star are affliate links to Bookshop.org. When you buy through these links, a small portion of the cost of the book goes to supporting your local bookshop, and a small portion comes to The Whin. The books won’t cost you any extra!

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