4-part online training with worksheets and real examples – £97

Make Instagram work for your business in 4 weeks

And never waste time on Instagram again….

(well, not NEVER, sometimes the cute doggos are exactly what you need)

In all seriousness, I can’t stop you getting sucked in by the scroll, but I can help you stop posting aimlessly and start making connections with actual customers.

No shady tactics, no ‘tricking the algorithm’.

Everything that’s ever frustrated you about Instagram has happened to me too

  • You ask your audience questions in your captions and all you get are spam comments.
  • You spent 46 minutes creating a beautiful graphic in Canva and hardly anyone sees it.
  • You upload a daft video of your dog on the beach one day because you’ve got nothing else to post and it gets more views and comments than your previous 10 posts combined.

But we’re not going to try and trick an algorithm into showing your post to thousands of extra people who don’t care about your business.

What you actually need to know:

  • the 2 most important things to know about any hashtag before you use it
  • why posting every single day might not be the best way to grow your account
  • the dramatic change I made that led to more DMs and sales – I wish I’d done it before!
  • the set-it-and-forget-it tool for getting the real customers to step out from the crowd.

But isn’t it kind of a risky time to double down on my business or invest in training? Can’t I just post about rainbows and heroes and houseplants and wait for this all to blow over?

Here’s the thing friends.

If you have a business which

  • Helps people look after themselves
  • Helps people pass the time
  • Helps people cope with the stress of everything 2020 has thrown at us


It’s going to be more than another month or two before this ‘blows over’ and other business owners aren’t waiting around any more.

You bring something special to the world, and I promise you, no one is scrolling through Instagram wishing people would stop offering help and hope and joy and distraction.

People are grateful they can still take a lampshade-making class, or work with a personal trainer or learn how to organise their new home offices.

They still need to buy t-shirts for their ever-taller children and eco-friendly shampoo bars and that cool cloud shaped concrete shelf to store all the toilet paper they bought in March…

This is EXACTLY why I’ve turned this one-day workshop into an online course! So you DON’T have to wait til 2021 for it to run again.

“The Instagram Masterclass”

Module Breakdown

This is exactly what we cover in the training. Each video is broken down into short segments so you can pause it to complete the worksheets as you go. You can tackle one per week, or whenever suits you.

  • Part 1 – Get more followers – 5 ways to build a bigger audience without spending a fortune on advertising.
  • Part 2 – Get more comments and messages – The one thing you’re doing WRONG when it comes to conversations.
  • Part 3 – Make more sales – The best way to get customers to click OFF Instagram and start buying from you.
  • Part 4 – Make a plan you can actually follow – Literally the most personalised guidance you’ve ever had when it comes to working out a way to keep on top of all this.

By the end of the course you’ll know exactly how to get the followers, the messages and the sales you’ve been trying to get all along.


(can you tell I’m excited?)

Ever wished you could get me on a video call, pull your Instagram up on screen, and ask me all your most difficult questions?

Well then call me your fairy godmother!

If you’re one of the first 10 people who sign up for the course, you’ll get to chat with me one on one.

That on its own is worth the 97 quid, so don’t wait around!

Course Details

  • Sign up today for immediate access to all 4 training modules, printable worksheets and examples.
  • You can opt to have our 30-page course workbook sent to you at home (hygienically, and at no extra cost!)
  • Enroll early to snag a one-to-one follow up call.

I don’t think I wrote in the evaluation how much I appreciated your inclusion of such a variety of good example feeds – this has enabled me to start thinking about how I can beautify and add to my feed.  Also your chat about how the power lifter guy’s environment might not be for everyone has been another help towards accepting I’m never going please everyone and it may actually pay off, big time, to be brave enough to just be more me.

Laura Derby


I just wanted to thank you and to say how incredibly helpful it was. Katie was great; concise, easy to understand, approachable and made the whole experience fun and easy to understand. I was a bit nervous about what to expect but due to her knowledge and presentation style I felt at ease immediately.

Evie Campbell

James Campbell Tours

Figuring out the best way to use Instagram for your business can be a struggle…

This training will FINALLY shed light on the inner workings of this incredibly powerful marketing tool. 

Those bonus one-to-one calls are super limited, so enrol right away to make sure you get yours!

Normally this one-day workshop, plus the 30-page workbook and the one-to-one coaching call would cost £317.

But you can get The Instagram Masterclass today, AND get access to the training for a full year

For just for £97

Most people spend months figuring out a workable Instagram strategy, and waste SO MUCH time. Don’t let that be you, OK? Your future self will thank you.

I attended Katie’s workshop about Instagram and it was incredibly helpful and insightful. Katie really knows the platform inside out, and the information she imparted in a short space of time was invaluable. It’s really helped me understand Instagram better and utilise it within my small business to improve my reach.

Jeni Armstrong

Furoshiki Giftwrap

I was on your Instagram workshop a week or two ago and I just wanted to let you know that it has helped me so much and now am gaining traction where I hadn’t had any engagement for months! So thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

Una Galbraith

Una Galbraith Glass

Need to know more about me?

Hi, I’m Katie! I’ve been coaching business owners on their social media strategy since 2016 and have been building websites for nearly 20 years (or since 2012, if you just want to count the ones I got paid for…)

Like all millennial stereotypes I’m obsessed with Instagram, and I can’t go anywhere without taking a selfie in front of something yellow.

I’m a big fan of using analytics data to keep things simple and to tell it like it is. No fuss, no nonsense. Nearly all the strategies I share are tried and tested by me, my clients, or other willing guinea pigs, and I make a point of being right as often as humanly possible.

I’m a loyal, hard-working Hufflepuff, I can deadlift twice my bodyweight, and I can solve a Rubik’s cube without looking up the instructions. You know, normal stuff…

It’s lovely to meet you!

What if I’m totally new to Instagram and haven’t even started posting?

What if I’m ready to put money into ads and engagement tools?

I’m so glad you asked.

This training does NOT cover:

If you’re not really sure if this course is right for you, why not DM me on Instagram, and we can figure it out.

Stop fighting with Instagram and start doing it properly

Instant access, £97

Remember only the first 10 people will get that one to one call, so don’t wait around!

Questions and Answers

  • Do I need to do it all at once?
    • Not at all! The course is split up into 4 modules, so you can choose to tackle them in a few hours, over a few days, or even over a few weeks. You get access to the course for a full 12 months after purchase, so if you don’t manage to finish it on your first attempt you can still come back later and wrap things up.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    • Hopefully I’ve been reallllly clear about what’s covered in the course, but if you’re not happy with what you see when you get in there, you have seven days to request a refund.
  • What kind of business owner will benefit from this training?
    • The course is designed for small businesses who care about their customers and want to market to them in a way which is honest and authentic. No shady tactics or soulless automatons.
I really like Instagram now that I know more about how to use it. So huge thanks for the gift of your time and expertise ❤️?? I didn’t realise I had to be “social” on social media. Had a good look at some relevant hashtags last night – again thank you. ? 
For me it’s about becoming clearer about how to make the most of Instagram for my business. Clarity around how often to post what and where and how to research and use hashtags. Helping me to become clearer around the best way to get my message out there and how to grow my business brand.
Petra Henderson

Balanced by Nature