Ready for your free Instagram strategy review?

Submit the results of your Instagram MOT by Wednesday 14 April and we’ll record your very own Instagram strategy feedback video.

It will include THREE things you need to focus on in your Instagram marketing, and I’ll suggest resources or support which might help.

1. Are your posts reaching enough new people?

2. Are you using a variety of hashtags on your posts?

3. Are your pictures blurry or boring?

4. Are you sending mixed messages?

5. Are you avoiding Instagram Reels?

6. Are you reaching more than 75% of your audience each week?

7. Are you posting enough?

8. Do your captions capture attention?

9. Are you 'showing up' on Instagram Stories?

10. Are you being social?

11. Are people clicking through to your website?

12. Do people know what you're selling?

13. Do people know how to buy from you?

14. Are you overselling?

15. Is your sales content compelling?

16. Are you using a links page?

17. Do your followers see you as an expert worth paying for?

18. Do you know in advance what you'll post about and when?

19. Do you find Instagram itself stressful and exhausting?

20. Is Instagram the right platform for you and your business?

1 + 9 =