Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by keeping up with your digital during a global pandemic? You’re in good company! In this week’s episode of the Whin Big Podcast, Katie shares three golden strategies to help.

If you feel like marketing is a step too far for you right now, grab a pen and paper and dive into the episode. We’ve got a strategy to help you get back in control.

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Business Marketing Burnout

Over the past few weeks, Katie’s had a few conversations with fellow business owners who are all saying the same thing. Despite their very best efforts, they’re feeling burn out and frazzled when it comes to all things digital marketing.

It seems more and more online business owners are struggling to keep up with the seemingly-endless digital tasks on their to-do list. Are you feeling the same?

“It’s so normal to feel tired, drained, depressed and exhausted during this pandemic, lockdown, winter and everything else you’ve got going on right now.” 

Battling through huge emotions and challenges is one thing, but many online business owners find the constant ‘churn’ of content creation is just a step too far. If you’re struggling with tasks like:

  • Creating content
  • Writing blog posts
  • Developing podcast ideas
  • Filming videos
  • Posting and showing up regularly on social media

Then it might make you feel less like you’re ‘failing’ when you know that so many of the online business community are feeling the same.

When marketing feels like an obligation

As you know by now, Katie loves marketing, and it was a no-brainer for her to set up her digital marketing agency. But marketing doesn’t excite everyone. As a business owner yourself, you probably didn’t get into business to spend all your time doing digital marketing, so it’s easy to see how it can feel like a chore.

At times, it feels relentless. So let’s take a look at how you can reduce marketing-related stress and step back from feeling like you’re on the hamster wheel of marketing your online business.

Stop it, drop it and roll with it – Short term strategies for reducing marketing-related stress

No, this isn’t a new hip-hop dance move. It’s three different strategies to help you get off the churning hamster wheel of content creation and digital marketing, and into a more comfortable headspace to help you work out your next move and marketing activity. 

#1: STOP for a moment

If you’re hating marketing right now and struggle with any aspect of it, then maybe you’re secretly looking for permission to stop doing it. 

“You’re allowed to stop marketing for a while. It’s okay… When you start posting again, Instagram will pick back up and carry on, too. So if it’s not serving you [right now], just stop. I promise you; it’s going to be okay.”

#2 DROP what you can

If you feel that stopping your marketing activities will cause more stress than it fixes, you might feel safer starting here.

To get the most value out of the DROP level, grab some paper and a pen and work through the short exercise in the podcast. By the end of the exercise you will:

  • Map out your marketing activities
  • Sketch out a useful timeline
  • Categorise tasks by effort and energy
  • Identify output versus income or leads (return on investment)

The goal is to work out your minimum viable marketing strategy so you can quickly work out a low-key marketing strategy that fits with time/energy and needs. (The ‘minimum viable’ term is borrowed from the lean startup world – check the resources list for further reading.)

Reducing your ‘churning’ activities gives you the breathing space to focus on tasks that bring results, leading to feelings of motivation and positivity.

When you come back and review this task, you can build more in if you have the headspace, or shift your tasks based on your business needs and goals at that moment.

#3 ROLL with it

This is where you ask yourself ‘how can I half-ass this for a while?’.

The ‘roll with it’ strategy is about looking for an easier way to market yourself without the stress of creating new content and plans.

Some of Katie’s roll with it workarounds (these are options and ideas, not instructions!):

  • Network and use relationships to meet new customers
  • Reach out to your clients and upscale your work with them
  • Get in touch with existing contacts and ask for referrals
  • Look at a short-term, no-brainer service or offer that could act as a quick fix
  • Outsource some work that drains you as a short-term solution
  • Repurpose, re-share, or quickly update some old content
  • Repeat images, photos and pictures you’ve posted before
  • Resend newsletters from last year
  • Swap old content onto new platforms (e.g blog posts = instagram quotes, podcasts = Instagram carousel, videos = podcasts)

Whatever you decide to do, it will be okay

Sometimes all we need is a reminder that nothing is forever, that each day is one step closer to getting through the pandemic, the winter, your negative feelings, homeschooling and everything else you’re experiencing right now.

But, Katie, our Marketing Auntie has one last bit of advice to share, before we finish this week’s episode:

“Do a little less marketing. Take care of yourself, and do what it takes to look after yourself and do what’s right for you.”

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