Does your small business need a marketing coach?

It doesn’t matter how many online courses you’ve taken, or how many great marketers you follow on Instagram, or how many brilliant podcast episodes you’ve heard. Sometimes you need personalised marketing support from an expert. That’s where our coaching packages come into play.

The Instagram Power Hour

We’ll grab a cuppa, hop on Zoom, and spend an hour working on your Instagram strategy.

Before your session I’ll prepare an audit for you, and afterwards you’ll get the full report, plus all the action points and ideas from your session.

We can do it once a month, once a quarter or just once-in-a-while when you need it.

The Marketing Mastermind

When Instagram on its own is not enough, we can do a deep dive on your full marketing strategy.

We’ll make a plan for the next three months and check in each month to see how you’re getting on.

We’ll audit your key marketing channels and help you keep an eye on progress, and you’ll get your action plan all written up to keep you on task.

Katie really knows her stuff about social media and marketing, and was able to help me in a practical and well-explained way. The programme and ‘homework’ she gave me were well-organised and very relevant to my business. She is informative, friendly and easy to communicate with.

Carol Binnie

Carol Binnie Art and Cards

Need more support?

If you need hands on help to delivery your marketing strategy, we can do that too! 

You can up grade the Marketing Mastermind to add 3 – 6 hours of support per month, with tasks like:

  • sourcing images and music, creating graphics
  • researching hashtags
  • reviewing captions and content
  • editing blogs and other content for SEO
  • providing input on your videos and other content
  • managing your content plan and scheduling
  • reports and analysis of your web and social media analytics

Limited slots available to please enquire ASAP!