Whin Big

A UK Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Katie Goudie, director of The Whin, the podcast will feature a range of guests from the business community to talk about their experiences of digital marketing. Katie will also host solo episodes to teach you about all kinds of digital marketing skills including Instagram Strategy, improving your website, and building an enviable email list.

There’ll be lots of real-life achievable strategies, from shoestring budgets to serious growth,  so get signed up to the mailing list so you won’t miss our weekly episodes.

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Recent Episodes

Audience Growth through Partnerships, with Bad Dinosaur and trundl

Audience Growth through Partnerships, with Bad Dinosaur and trundl

Today we’re chatting about using Partnerships to help you build an audience when your business is brand new in the early stages. First up I’m going to speak to Tina Clark, the marketing manager at an app development agency called Bad Dinosaur. Although a lot of her...

Where are they now?

Where are they now?

It's episode 100! The Whin Big podcast is now 2 and a half years old, so it seemed like a celebration is in order! This week's episode features 3 of our earliest guests from the beginning of the Whin Big podcast - Marc, Claire and Laura. I caught up with each of them...

Greatest Hits – Vol. 2

Greatest Hits – Vol. 2

Hello everyone, welcome back! Here we are into 2022, and I’m very excited to be launching a brand new season of the Whin Big podcast with today’s episode. What with there being another 50 or so episodes out in the world it’s time for a new volume of our Greatest Hits...

Setting Goals for 2022

Setting Goals for 2022

It’s the final Whin Big Podcast of the year! And, as you know by now, we love to spend this end-of-year episode reflecting on goals. In this episode, Katie reminds us of her 2021 business goals and whether she achieved them or not.

How to hack the buyer’s brain, with Kenda Macdonald

How to hack the buyer’s brain, with Kenda Macdonald

This week on The Whin Big Podcast, Katie speaks with Kenda Macdonald – founder of Automation Ninja. In this week’s episode, Katie and Kenda talk about how psychology and brain functions influence the way we make purchasing decisions.

Past Seasons

Season 6

Episodes 82-98  |  August-December 2021

A collection of interviews with small business owners from the UK, covering pottery to podcasting, and the grossest thing you never knew about your pillow!

Plus deep-dive episodes on Instagram Reels, Feed and Stories, content creation, self care, and the customer awareness journey.

Season 5

Episodes 60-81  | January – July 2021

This season we got chatting with financial coaches, business coaches, life coaches, yoga teachers, marketing experts, and even a play specialist!

We also looked in detail at Instagram strategy and the algorithm, Insights, Canva, and a load of listener questions.

Season 4

Episodes 29-59  | May – December 2020

We spoke with experts on PR and marketing, SEO, copywriting and Canva, as well as the people behind a parkour company, a jewelery business, a cafe, a deli and lots more.

Our deep-dive episodes looked at imposter syndrome, blogging, podcasting, hashtags, the Instagram Creator Studio, sales funnels, and the brand-new Instagram Reels.

Quarantalks (Parts 1 & 2)

33 Episodes  | April – May 2020, April – June 2021

Early in the 2020 lockdown we talked to a wide selection of small business owners to hear about how their businesses were affected by coronavirus. A year later, we caught up with a few former guests to find out what difference a year makes.

Season 2

Episodes 17-28  | January – March 2020

Our new season of interviews features business owners from all around Edinburgh, including a business coach, a video marketer, the owner of the Leith Walk Police Box, a strength coach, a Japanese teacher, and a pair of professional organisers.

In our deep-dive episodes we looked at Instagram Stories, IGTV, Pinterest, and the crossover between marketing strategy and your personality.

Season 1

Episodes 1-16  | September – December 2019

Welcome to the Whin Big podcast! We’re excited to share a whole range of interviews with local business owners, covering everything from photography and design, to yoga and strength coaching.

We also covered a range of other topics, like email marketing, landing pages, Instagram and Facebook strategy.