Are you ready to start driving a whole heap of traffic to your website? In this podcast we’re going to talk about how you can really work with Pinterest as a marketing tool. We’ll look at some specific strategies you can implement to connect with your customers exactly as they need you.

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Why Pinterest is a great marketing tool

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been delivering workshops on Instagram and Pinterest, where I teach people the basics of each platform and help them get started. What I find consistently is that people have no idea HOW they can use Pinterest to drive traffic and build their audience. I think we, in the Scottish business community, are seriously underrating the value of this platform.

In contrast to other social media platforms, Pinterest is actively looking to put new and interesting content in front of users, not from their friends and family, but from businesses and content creators. In addition, every single post on Pinterest has a link – a link to your website, your Etsy shop, or wherever you want. On Instagram you can’t even put links on your posts! On Facebook you get penalised for adding them. Pinterest is the opposite – it loves your links. The whole platform is designed to drive traffic to your website.

Make sure you have a listen to episode 25. We looked at a very quick and easy starter strategy for anyone with limited time hoping to get started on Pinterest.

Pinterest marketing stratagy

In this episode we’ll be focusing a little bit more on strategy and some of the more detailed work you might invest time in, in order to really start seeing results from Pinterest. Bear in mind, of course, that Pinterest is a long game. Pins have a life cycle of months, rather than minutes, so you need to have a bit of patience, and keep an eye on how things are building over time. This isn’t a quick and easy step-by-step, instead I want you to think about your strategy here, and how it connects to your long-term vision and business goals.

The key things to consider for your Pinterest strategy are;

  1. Understand how your customers are searching Pinterest
  2. Develop Pinterest boards which meet the needs of your audience
  3. Create content on your website which meets your customers’ needs
  4. Make your brand visible on Pinterest

Listen to the podcast for more details on each of the above points.

Get connected

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