Have you set your 2021 business goals yet? If you haven’t, or you’re curious to see how other people go about goal setting during a global pandemic, then this is the podcast for you.

This week, Katie reveals the 4 key goals she’s set for The Whin in 2021. She also shares her reasoning and ideas, and reminds us of The Whin’s best resources to help you reach your goals this year. Spoiler – she’s launched an amazing new product just for you if you love accountability and support! 

As always, all links and resources featured in this episode are listed at the end of the show notes. Let’s dive into the episode.

The pre-goal goal: rest, relax, recuperate

It might feel like a very long time ago, but our last podcast of 2020 was just a few weeks ago. In it, Katie gave a very frank and honest review of the goals she’d set herself for 2020. As a business owner, you’ll know that any kind of review exercise comes with it’s highlights and low moments and it was no different for Katie. 

After finishing the review project, she sure was ready for a holiday, so instead of leaping in to set new goals for 2021, Katie took a well earned break from all things business (and we hope you did, too) and came back to the task of goal setting with a fresh outlook. 

Does the idea of setting goals leave you cold? 

With all-the-things going on right now, if you’re not in the right headspace to set goals for 2021 we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to set any goals right now! Or at all, even! That’s right, you can cut yourself some slack. Katie reminds us all that we can come back to this task at any time (or not at all), so free yourself from the “shoulds” if it’s not right for you at this moment. 

“Goals are helpful, up to a point. And if it’s too stressful to think about setting them and you don’t want to…you don’t have to!”

New Year, New Perspective

After the ups and downs of 2020, Katie changed her whole outlook to setting goals, planning and what success actually looks like going forward. Returning to work refreshed and energised, Katie’s priority has shifted from achieving more, more, more (and working more, more, more to chase it!) to looking after herself, in terms of mental and physical health.

With this as the main focus, Katie’s looking forward to a more balanced and sustainable work life balance.

Goal #1: Work time boundaries

Katie’s always had a flexible schedule, meaning her work activities and non-work activities have intermingled and shifted for the time available. 

Unfortunately, this has meant that work time moved into any available free time and left Katie with little time or energy to do the activities she loved outside of work. 

For 2021 this is changing. Katie will set boundaries around her working hours so she can ring-fence free time for other things she enjoys. 

“I want to give myself space to be a person, as well as a productivity module. Having a structure gives me the space.”

Once she’s settled into her new boundaries, Katie’s expecting to work in a more productive way, achieving better results without the burn out.

Goal #2: Make a shift towards scalable services

For Katie and The Whin, 2021 will see more effort on a shift toward scalable, values based services and away from time or output based services. So what does that mean exactly?

Looking back to Katie’s first goal, the idea of working less doesn’t have to come at the expense of a low income year if the focus shifts to scalable services and offers. 

Aligning, adapting and creating services to achieve this goal

Here’s a few examples of how The Whin’s services will be moving towards this shift:

  • Online Programmes: Katie has offered value-based online courses for the past year and will continue to offer her excellent online Instagram and marketing programmes throughout 2021 and beyond.
  • Virtual membership: Earlier this month Katie launched The Whin’s newest product which is a virtual coworking membership which takes place on Discord. It’s free to join right now while the community grows. 
  • Content: Katie plans to strengthen the quality and the added value of The Whin Big Podcast, blog posts and all other types of content. The focus will be on using it to connect with people and help them to make the decision to join The Whin’s online programmes and services.
  • Advertising: Katie’s considering the idea of sponsorship of the podcast to increase revenue and reach. If you have any suggestions for who would be a great fit for sponsorship – or if you are interested – then please get in touch with us at
  • The WhinTraining events: Webinars, one-off training seminars and learning opportunities. Katie loves sharing her knowledge and expertise. If you have a topic you’d love to know more about in a webinar, DM Katie on Instagram.

Goal #3: Increase profit margin 

Just like you and almost every other business owner out there, Katie finds it uncomfortable talking about money and profit in a public way. However, in her role as educator and trainer (which is what The Whin Big Podcast is all about) she’s keen to help you with your own money blocks and feelings of discomfort. 

For goal number 3, Katie plans to pay herself fairly for the work she does!

If you’re reading this and you can relate then why not take this time to think about your income. Do you feel like you pay yourself fairly for the work you do?

Goal #4: Do work that makes you happy 

Katie accepted that work dominated all other activities in 2020, which blurred the lines between work Katie and real life Katie. As a result Katie’s health and wellbeing took a knock, something she’s been very brave and open in sharing with Whin Big Podcast listeners. 

This year, in alignment with goal 1, Katie intends to listen to her own intuition and only say yes to projects that excites and inspires her. 

“My mental health is more important to me than invoices are.”

Resources to help you reach your 2021 goals 


When marketing your business is your priority 

If your big goal for 2021 is to grow your business through marketing, grab a spot on The All-In-Whin Marketing Method. It’s a 12-week programme packed with training and support to crack your online marketing once and for all. 

When you need help with accountability and staying on track 

Are you someone who needs a little extra support as you make your way towards your goals? If so, don’t go it alone. Katie’s set up an amazing resource especially for you in The Whin Virtual Office on Discord

It’s a virtual co-working space for business owners and anyone working from home. The aim is to get tasks completed and to make the most of your work time. It’s a free community right now with lots of opportunities to get and give support and for interesting and inspiring collaborations.

Our free planning guide  

Download The Whin’s free planning guide for 2021 to get started on some goal setting. Katie’s turned her own goal planning process into this easy-to-use guide to make the most of your planning time and feel inspired to move in the right direction this year – despite all the challenges we’re facing. 

Paying yourself what you’re worth

And finally, on the subject of goal number 3, Katie set a personal goal this year to read all of the books recommended by The Whin Big Podcast guests in 2020.

One of the most recommended book last year was Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas which is top of Katie’s pile, so she’s looking forward to working through her own money stories to reach this goal.  

Resources – Quick reference

Episode 59: Looking back on 2020

Join us at The Whin Virtual Office for accountability, support and company! 

Make 2021 a positive year with The Whin 2021 Planning Guide download

Reach your business growth goals: The All-In-Whin Marketing Method training course

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