Need some inspiration to plan an amazing year for your business? Today I’ll be giving you a look behind the scenes at my goals for myself and for The Whin in 2020, and all the exciting things coming up.

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 Happy new year everyone! Here we are in 2020 and still feels like the future. Before we get started, did you already set YOUR goals for the year? If not, you need to listen to episode 16, for a step by step guide to do just that. 

Re-cap of my 2019 goals

My goals for 2019 were pretty straight forward;

  1. To create a signature training course, The All-In-Whin Marketing Method, and pilot it with 6 – 8 businesses.
  2. Be an awesome bridesmaid! 
  3.  Raise my public profile. 
  4. My last goal centred around self-care.  I wanted to get more sleep, eat better, to train more regularly in power lifting (my main hobby) and to spend more time stretching/getting sports massages. 

 Generally I was really happy with how last year went and the progress I made.

My 2020 goals

  1. Make five times more revenue than in 2019
  2. Run 4 Instagram Masterclasses in person in Edinburgh
  3. Launch 4 cohorts of the new and improved All-in-Whin Marketing Method 
  4. Take my nephew swimming 2 or 3 times a month to help him learn to swim without armbands (he’s three, so maybe this is ambitious!)
  5. Grow my Instagram to over 2000 followers
  6. Grow my email list to over 2000 subscribers
  7. Grow my podcast audience to over 5000 people (that one’s a bit of a stretch!)

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Get in touch

If you’ve set goals for 2020, make sure you email me, and let me know what they are. I promise to hold you accountable by checking in with you once a quarter to see how you’re getting on.  Even if you’re reading this in August, email me, tell me your goals and I’ll check in with you!   

I’d also love to feature more listener questions in the podcast. Drop me an email! And of course you can subscribe to Whin Big on Apple Podcasts. Happy New Year, wishing you all the best for 2020!