Thank you so much to everyone who came along to The Whin’s launch party this month! I’m flabbergasted it’s already been two weeks. Time flies when you’re prioritising your clients over your own business … oops!

It was such a pleasure to see you all and celebrate with you – here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Katie setting things up at The Whin launch party Guests talking at The Whin launch party Rachel, Katie and Louise at The Whin launch party

The biggest thanks have to go to Rachel and Louise, my two incredible assistants, who organised everything for us. I had a million and one questions for all our suppliers about chicken nugget buffets and recycled paper, and they handled everything for me with grace and efficiency.

The Whin logo sticker Andy and Katie wearing The Whin logo stickers

The branding for The Whin, including the name, the logo, and my awesome business cards, were all designed by Andy Johnston of Eido Studio. It was such a pleasure to work with him earlier this year on the brand, and for him to join us for the party as well.

We had a fun little contest where everyone shared their biggest social media fail, and the funniest story won a prize! Take a look over on Instagram to see (anonymously!) what everyone shared.

The Whin cupcakes on a clear stand

We were extremely well looked after by all our suppliers, including Rabble Taphouse and Grill in their glorious Garden Room. The delicious cupcakes came from Bibi’s Bakery, and the workbooks were turned around by GMP Print Solutions in record fast time, and delivered a whole day early.

If you weren’t able to make it don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on all the fun. On Monday, we’re launching another wee contest over on LinkedIn to win a box of 6 delicious cupcakes from Bibi’s Bakery. Keep your eyes peeled!

Images courtesy of Louise Oliver, Rachel Anderson and Andy Johnston.