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Instagram Reels workshop

A practical workshop for business owners, so you can:

  • understand how Reels fit into your marketing strategy
  • get comfortable making videos of yourself
  • learn to make the 3 most popular types of Reels
  • maximise the reach and engagement on your Reels
  • build your editing skills in Reels on Instagram
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I was on your Instagram workshop a week or two ago and I just wanted to let you know that it has helped me so much and now am gaining traction where I hadn’t had any engagement for months! So thank you so much for sharing your expertise.


The method of presentation was great - examples live in 'reel time' 😂 It says a lot for Katie's skill in using the tool.

There was a lot to take in, ie script, learn to know where the tools are, use them, record and then move onto the next area. I enjoyed the informal, relaxed, "give it a go" approach.


Practical real time demonstrations. Katie obviously very knowledgeable yet still managed to present her knowledge in a way that made sense to me, someone who is clueless on all this and scared of technology.

Pauline M

I just wanted to thank you and to say how incredibly helpful it was. Katie was great; concise, easy to understand, approachable and made the whole experience fun and easy to understand. I was a bit nervous about what to expect but due to her knowledge and presentation style I felt at ease immediately.

Evie Campbell

James Campbell Tours

I attended Katie’s workshop and it was incredibly helpful and insightful. Katie really knows the platform inside out, and the information she imparted in a short space of time was invaluable. It’s really helped me understand Instagram better and utilise it within my small business to improve my reach.

Jeni Armstrong

Furoshiki Giftwrap

Reels are absolutely essential for growing your audience in 2021 and beyond


If you haven’t already mastered the art of Reels, you need to get into it as soon as possible – your bank balance will thank you for it!