3 ways to grow your Instagram audience with comments

8 Jul, 2020 | Podcast, Season 4

Are you fed up with the slow growth of your business Instagram account? Would you in on a few tips to take your audience size up a notch? In this week’s episode of The Whin Big Podcast, we do just that. Grab a notepad, and let’s get started!

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In this episode of The Whin Big Podcast, Katie shares more insight on growing your business Instagram account. This is a recurring theme on the podcast, but as you know by now, there are lots of different ways you can make a difference on your audience numbers. When you combine a few of your favourite techniques you can make a real impact.

How to scale your audience without burning out

Whether you’re posting three times a week, or three times a day – how can you scale your content in an effective way?

“Adding more content isn’t the solution to growing your account faster. Good quality content takes a long time to prepare – ideas, images, captions, hashtags all take time.” – Katie

If you’re a time-poor, enthusiastic business Instagrammer, working on your own social media (of you have someone else helping you do it), our advice is to spend your time connecting with people through comments.  

Why use comments to grow your audience?

  • Unlike doubling up on what you post, comments on IG are scalable. They take so much less time to do more of, than creating double your posts for your feed.
  • Commenting on accounts, rather than creating more comments, means you’re not taking  up more space in people’s feeds. You’re making great connections without overwhelming lots of people at once
  • Commenting doesn’t require preparation and forethought because it’s reactive. You can get more out of small chunks of time by focussing on this area.

The best way to use comments for your business

Are you in a consumer-based business (B2C)? If so…

  • Find 10-30 large accounts to follow. Influencers, or businesses that share a similar customer profile to you.
  • Comment on everything they post (don’t worry about bugging them. They get so many comments they won’t notice a daily comment from you)
  • Make sure your comment adds to the conversation. Ask a question or comment on the lovely picture.
  • Eventually, other followers (who match your customer profile) will take notice and follow you. You might even get a shout out on the influencer’s stories to reach an even wider audience.

Do you provide services for other business owners (B2B)? Then try this…

  • Find other businesses with the same customer profile as yours
  • Look for complementary accounts – who will also be potential customers. So, if you’re a graphic designer connect with web developers or photographers who compliment the work that you do and whose followers will have an interest (and could be looking for) your services.
  • Create meaningful connections with the account you’re following and their followers – who are your potential customers.  

Using Stories and comments for your own growth

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, another great way to grow your audience is to share other accounts on Stories.

Have a day of the week where you share saved posts from other accounts. Talk about why you like 

Don’t forget to tag the original account, so they know you’ve shared it. They may connect with you to say thanks, they may even share some of your content to their own audiences.

This can lead to collaborations over time, as well as strengthening connections and building relationships.

Katie’s final advice for using comments in Instagram

Using comments is a great way to connect, endorse, build rapport and strengthen your own audience.

It’s important to remember that all Instagram users are people too. Comments can become an autopilot activity if you forget about the importance of networking and adding value to conversations. When you’re commenting or messaging always:

  • Be kind and gracious
  • Greet people in a friendly way, and use their name, if you know it
  • Imagine they’re standing in front of you
  • Treat the experience like a networking opportunity 

Using comments is a fun, interactive and effective way to get more out of your business Instagram account.

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