Give your Instagram an MOT

9 Oct, 2019 | Podcast, Season 1

When was the last time you reviewed your own Instagram profile to make sure everything is in good order?

Today, I’m going to take you step-by-step through an Instagram MOT. It will help you look at each element of your Instagram profile in turn, to make sure it’s working properly. 

I’ve highlighted some of the key takeaways for you in today’s show notes, but make sure you listen to the podcast and download the checklist to squeeze out every last wee bit of value.

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You’re welcome!

What to say in your Instagram bio

We start by looking at the most basic elements of your Instagram profile. Remember when you first created your account you spent about a minute on your bio? Now’s the time go back and review it and make sure you’ve included all the right info. Is there something in your bio to let people know what you get really excited about? Use your passion for your business to help you connect with potential customers.

What is an Instagram theme, and do you need one?

If you’re a regular on Instagram you may have spotted some accounts using an Instagram theme. This is a short hand way of describing a consistent visual style for all your Instagram posts. It’s not like a WordPress theme though, you can’t just download it and be done!

Here’s some examples of feeds that use a consistent visual style. When you look at your profiles, what do you see that makes some or all of their posts easy to recognise?

First there’s @beingbossclub To create posts like these you need to use a separate image editor that lets you add layers and different effects. Not for the faint hearted!

Next is me! Come and say hello @thewhinco Although I’ve tried to make my feed look consistent, I’ve picked two very straightforward things to make it recogniseable and pretty. I don’t have to agonise over what to post each time, and I don’t need to clog up my phone with fancy apps for creating my pictures.

Lastly we have @castironstrength, who we’re having on as a guest next week! Marc’s attitude comes across perfectly in his Instagram feed, but you can also spot some consistent elements, because many of the videos he posts are filmed in the same location. Also his cute dog is there. Love a cute dog.

How to use Instagram to grow your business

Whatever your business, the three most important parts of your Instagram strategy should be the captions, the hashtags and the comments. Make sure you’re using each of these thoughtfully and strategically. 

How can you use captions to start conversations and help people get to know you? How can you use hashtags to grow your audience and connect with potential customers? How can you use comments to share your knowledge and help out others using the platform?

There are so many ways to do each of these things right – make sure you download the checklist and listen to the podcast where I really get into the details.

Get your Instagram questions answered

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