Free Learning Resources

You can use any of these resources to help you build new skills, improve your digital marketing, and grow your business.

Instagram MOT

Just as your car needs regular check ups, so does your Instagram. Use the checklist to assess how you’re doing in 8 key areas across your Instagram profile.

The Master Plan

Maybe like me, you sat down at the beginning of this year and put together a plan for your life and your business. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the plan, and see what to change and what to keep?

If you didn’t make a plan before, you can still do one now. We may not know what life will be like in a few months time, but it’s easier to adapt and keep going when you have an idea of what really matters

Your Customer Persona

When was the last time you sat down and thought about who your customers are and what matters to them?

You need to know who your customers are when you’re planning your marketing strategy, so download the template and take your first steps.