Audience Growth through Partnerships, with Bad Dinosaur and trundl

26 Apr, 2022 | Podcast, Season 7

Today we’re chatting about using Partnerships to help you build an audience when your business is brand new in the early stages.

First up I’m going to speak to Tina Clark, the marketing manager at an app development agency called Bad Dinosaur. Although a lot of her role is to market the agency itself, she also supports their clients with marketing strategy.

Our next guests are Hilary Mines and Tess Caven, from the new start up trundl. trundl is a non-competitive activity motivator app, which encourages people to go outside and get some exercise, and offers charity donations as motivation. Hil is the original founder and Tess is the strategy and marketing director.

In my conversations today we touch on a few different techniques for developing your brand as a new business, and for developing your audience along with it. Partnerships are a great way to do this on a shoe string budget, and that’s where a lot of our focus is today.

Connect with Bad Dinosaur

Bad Dinosaur on Instagram

The Bad Dinosaur website

Bad Dinosaur on LinkedIn

How to build a brand and an audience for a new business or start up

Tina and I talked about:

  • The most important thing to remember about marketing a start up
  • How to design around your customer personas
  • Planning your end-to-end customer experience
  • Why you have to TELL EVERYONE about your idea
  • The importance of having people try out your product before launching
  • How to include feedback from your testers in your marketing

Click the player above to hear all the brilliant juicy nuggets we discussed. 

Connect with trundl

trundl on Instagram

The trundl website

Hilary Mines on LinkedIn

Tess Caven on LinkedIn

How to find partnerships and grow a unique brand

With Hil and Tess I talked about:

  • Where the idea for trundl came from
  • Why building an audience early was crucial
  • The impact of co-creating a product with your audience
  • How they’re promoting their new app on social media
  • The challenge of marketing on a shoestring budget.

Click the player above to hear all that we discussed. The lovely photo of Hil and Tess was taken by Jinny of Jin Designs.

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