The All-in-Whin Marketing Method

12 weeks of training for ambitious, purpose-driven business owners

Online selling is the new reality

Whether you build websites or sell furniture or teach yoga or take people on guided tours of the highlands of Scotland, you can’t rely on in-person networking or brick and mortar sales when there’s a pandemic on the loose.

Maybe you’ve only acknowledged in the last few months that you need to sell online. Or maybe you knew all along and never got round to it.

Online marketing is pretty intimidating as a new business owner. There’s so much new technology to get the hang of, and a whole new language to go with it! 

You need to get all the different pieces in order and working together, and then add in a whole layer of creativity and great business strategy to make use of them.

With all this to get to grips with, it’s helped me enormously to develop an easy-to-understand structure – a method of marketing my business which I can adapt and repeat across all my different products and services.

The exact structure I use to market my business is the one I’ll teach you in this course.

Now’s your opportunity to stop muddling through and making it up as you go.

Do you want results in 3 months or in 3 years?

When I left my ‘sensible job’ in 2016 and started freelancing, I knew a lot about building websites, making social media content, writing blog posts and taking great selfies. But I didn’t know anything about selling online.

How to build trust. How to pitch something.

How to help someone decide to buy from me.

I spent 2 and a half years figuring this out, and ever since I’ve been perfecting the strategy, teaching it to other business owners, and building it into this course, so you can save yourself loads of time and start seeing results.

How will the All-in-Whin Marketing Method help?

You’ll learn how to take what you already know about your customers and apply it to all your marketing content.

You’ll build the habit of regularly creating high quality content for your audience so they get to know you and trust you.

You’ll design and create the perfect freebie to get new potential customers on your email list.

You’ll plan, put together and launch a marketing campaign across all your social media and content platforms which will grow your audience, enhance your reputation and get new customers for your business.

What’s included?

  • 25 training modules with videos, templates, examples and exercises.
  • 12 weeks of coaching and support from an experienced online marketer.
  • A 30 page workbook that you can get in the post or print at home.
  • 8 detailed bonus modules with step-by-step instructions to tackle tools like Mailchimp and Google Analytics.
  • Real practical exercises where you apply your new skills to your own business.
  • A community of small business owners who are facing the same challenges and are excited to learn alongside you.

Optional Extras

If you’re not confident setting up Google Analytics, Mailchimp, new webpages, or any of the other more technical aspects, you can add on 3 one-to-one tech support sessions where we’ll get all the fiddly bits set up and connected.

Oh, and you get life-time access

You’ll keep access to all the resources on our training platform and you’ll be invited back to join us each time we run another cohort.

Want to know what the people say?

Katie breaks everything down to make it easy to action and see success! The coaching calls are pure gold and absolutely worth the cost of the course. Go for it.

Jess Brown

Nihongo Connection

All very interesting and you’ve made it approachable and not too daunting a task I must say!


Kids Rule Interiors

Thanks again for your brill course, it’s amazing!!


Kay Young Mindfulness

Before the course I kind of just spewed out random ideas into social media. Now I have a plan that can consistently put out content that promotes what I want it to. Interactions with our current followers is up massively which is great. 

The course content alone is worth the investment, let alone the hours of additional support that you get from Katie. She is fantastic and the live sessions are amazing, she has no issue covering any questions you have to do with any social media stuff that you have.

It is a great course if you are a total beginner or even if you are fairly advanced but want to learn some of the finer points of social media marketing. The course is highly specific and really teaches you the processes that enable you to go out and do everything yourself.

John Soulsby

Athlete Training Systems

I found Katie’s patient and thorough approach to teaching digital marketing through practice extremely helpful when thinking about how best to present and market my business online.
If you’re looking to create a digital marketing strategy for your business then the All-in-Whin course provides a great foundation for considering actionable processes to increase your reach and retain your existing customers, from researching the market for your business, to tailoring Google Analytics for your website, to the pros and cons of live streaming.
If you’re unsure about how best to maximise the power of web and social media for your business, or if you just want advice on how you can improve your existing marketing offer, then I would highly recommend this course.
Patrick Steel

Fat Toad Films

Support from an expert marketer

Hello, I’m Katie!

I have been coaching small business owners through digital marketing strategy now for more than 5 years. Before that I spent my whole career working on websites and social media, figuring out what works, and how to communicate with customers, whoever they are.

Working with business owners like you is the highlight of every week. This course gives me the chance to support you and work with you throughout your learning experience. I cannot wait to get to know you better and join you along this journey.

Monthly payment options are available.