6 steps you need to sell online

Kickstart your marketing in just 1 hour
Fri 14 May, 10amTue 18 May, 12 noon

Would you feel more secure in your business if you knew you could reliably make sales online? If you could predict how many new customers you’d get per month based on your blogs, your emails, your social media content?

This was the thing that stressed me out most when I first started. I put loads of time and effort into blogging and posting online, but all my customers came from in-person networking and people who knew me already.

It took a few years of floundering to figure out what was missing. What I needed was a system to connect with my blog readers and social audiences, and build a real relationship online, before trying to sell to them.

You can figure this out for yourself too, but if you don’t have 3 spare years to flounder, I’m running 2 webinars this month to guide you through the basics

They’re free and you can sign up with the buttons below – can’t wait to see you there!