4 easy steps to Instagram Reels

25 Nov, 2020 | Podcast

If you’re REELing (get it?!) from the thought of learning another new tool on Instagram? Are you a tiny bit curious about using it? Maybe you’ve heard

Once again, Katie demystifies the Instagram tools that can help you grow your business and make more sales. This week, The Whin Big Podcast is all about Reels. In just over 20 minutes she takes you through the 4 key steps of creating a Reel to post. Which means there’s REEL-ly no excuse for getting started.

And yes, that’s the end of the Reels puns. Promise!

Today's episode is sponsored by the Instagram MOT. This 20-point checklist and free training are freshly updated, so get stuck in to find out if your profile is fit for purpose or needs some attention! Click on the big yellow button below to get started right away.

Welcome to the most requested subject The Whin Big Podcast has ever had! Yes, believe it or not, there are loads of you out there excited (and a little anxious) to get cracking with one of Instagram’s newest features. If you’re one of them, then you’re in the right place!

Resisting Reels?

If you’re waiting to be convinced of the benefits of Reels, rather than excited to leap in – then you’re not alone. Katie herself resisted at the beginning (some might say openly complained about a new feature to learn…) but she’s come around, and here’s why:

When Instagram added Reels to the platform, they changed the algorithm so your reach is no longer as strong as it was if you don’t include Reels in the mix;
Your layout is changing to make Reels more prominent and easy to use so it makes sense to learn about it.
It’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience, and grow your followers.

Step 1: Music and Audio

The first thing to decide is whether you want your Reel to have music. And if you do want music you might be one of the business accounts that doesn’t have the music feature.

If you are one of those non-music accounts, you have two options for audio here:

  • Edit it in an external app that allows you to add music (there’s a list of some great apps linked in the resources below)
  • Create a video using the original sounds in your video, without any music. And that’s fine too (especially if your clips are speech)

Step 2: Adding your video clips

You can record your clips straight from the app. Katie doesn’t recommend this approach – as it’s easier to pre-record the clip and upload from your video gallery into reels.

When you use Reel, you upload multiple clips in a sequence, you can trim each clip and stitch them together, like a single video – which you can download and use elsewhere.

  1. Pick the first clip in your sequence from your gallery
  2. Upload it
  3. Use the slider to choose how much of that specific clip you’ll use (trim)
  4. Click on the next arrow
  5. Repeat till the end!

Get creative

Have a look at Reels you enjoy and find interesting ones you’d like to try. Get creative and try changing the way you look, or location between clips. Or make your dialogue more interesting by changing backgrounds between sentences.

Single clip Reels

Perfect if you find the multi clip approach too fiddly.

Make a single clip that’s 15-30 seconds long, and make sure there’s lots of movement to keep it interesting.

Step 3: Timed text

After you’ve uploaded your clip (s), hit the next arrow and you’re into the section for adding text and the timings.

  1. Tap on the Aa icon and type in your text
  2. Edit the text, font, colour & style (the way you would in Stories)
  3. Hit OK
  4. Move the text around the screen till it’s in position
  5. At the bottom you’ll see a video timeline. Over that is a white box with handles on either side. Move this and you can change the piece of video that you want aligned with your text.
  6. Repeat this process till you’ve got all the text and timings as you want them.

“Remember to leave 1.5cm at the top and bottom free of text or it will get cut off and it won’t make sense.”

Making adjustments to the text is easy, too. Each piece of text is represented as a black bubble above the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the text clip to adjust it all.

Step 4: Pick a frame for the cover

Once your text is added, hit the next button again and now it’s time to pick a frame for the cover.

  1. Slide through the video to show which frame you want featured as your cover image on your grid or on the Reels page.
  2. If you’d rather use a different image, you can upload one from your own gallery – just make sure they match and are consistent.
  3. Think about your captions – they don’t work the same way as your feed post captions. People won’t click your Reel if the caption has lots of text in it – so save your insight for the video itself, and specifically the text in your video.
  4. Make sure you include your hashtags in the captions so you have more chance of people seeing your awesome new Reel post!
  5. Tick the option to include in your feed
  6. And finally – it’s time to hit publish

Your Reel will go onto your feed, the Reels tab of your Instagram profile and it will show up for people on the Reels explore page – new people!

Reels inspiration

It might feel intimidating at first, but don’t forget that Reels are just 30 second video clips. You can get as creative, or simple as you want with this function – just do what feels right. If you don’t want to follow the big trends, you don’t have to. As with everything else in the Instagram world

Use your own content for Reels inspiration

One of the best sources of inspiration for Reels is your own past content. Explore your old posts and Stories and your Instagram TV episodes. What posts had the most engagement? Which ones did you already repurpose for blogs or posts on other social media platforms?

This will give you so much inspiration for repurposing content into a Reels format.

Ready for your first Reel?

Now you know exactly what you need to do to get started on Reels. When you post your first one, please tag me @thewhinco so I can see how you did.

“They’re just 30 second videos. There’s no official rules, you can make literally any video you want.”

2 ways to go deeper with your Instagram marketing

If you want to learn more about the best way to use Reels, or any other tools on Instagram for your business marketing, now is a great time to book an Instagram Power Hour.

In just 60 minutes Katie will:

  • Audit your profile
  • Work with you to decide your next move for your business

Ready for real Instagram success?

If you’re ready for a big shift in the way you use Instagram to grow your business, then you have to check out The Whin Instagram Masterclass.

4 modules with detailed videos and exercises so you can master:

  • Growth
  • Connections
  • Sales
  • Planning

There will be a whole new section added for Reels and it’s only £97 until the end of 2020.

To get more details – head over here and book your place today.

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